Laura, Shihtzu lover, St Pauls Cray

Lisa of Kira & Friends, looked after George my 4 year old Shihtzu dog when I went into hospital in November 2015. Lisa came round to my home beforehand bringing her dog Kira so that we could meet and see how the dogs got on. All went very well. Lisa then collected George one Saturday afternoon so that she could see how things went in her home. Again that went very well.
Lisa collected George the evening before I went into hospital. Initially I had asked her to look after George for 7 days on the understanding that I may need to ask for extra time. Lisa was very accommodating and ended up looking after him for 11 days! During that time she kept me updated so that I knew all was well. She even sent me a couple of pictures so that I could see for myself. When Lisa brought George back home I could tell he had been very well looked after.
I would recommend Lisa to anyone who needs their dog to be looked after for any reason and I will definitely be asking Kira & Friends again myself!

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