Dog walking?
Walks last for one and a half hours over the Foots Cray and other local wood areas. We charge a flat fee per walk per dog of: £30

Dog boarding
Home boarding is undertaken is our Bexley base. Pets can be house for a days of for longer periods by appointment. Please note all food vitamins or other supplies for you pet are not included in this cost and are the owners responsibility to supply at the time of boarding.

Our rates are:

  • Per day = £00.00
  • Per week (Sat to Sat) = £00.00

Dog Grooming
Grooming is based on the size of each pet and will be determined at the time of booking. Prices start from £30 for a small dog for shampoo, wash and dry. Other series can be added as requested.

We are always keen to help so if you need some help right now.. please call Lisa on the mobile number here: